Nsw Health Service Agreement Data Supplement

The main goals of the NSW health system in the public sector are to help people stay healthy and to quickly access quality, patient-centered health care. The framework includes the expected performance of the organizations concerned in order to achieve the required level of improvement in health, service delivery and financial services. The corresponding framework and performance indicators in service agreements apply to both the health care, institutional and service levels, which promotes and supports a high-performance culture. Service agreements are a central part of the performance framework. By defining expectations and funding for services and services, they contribute to decentralized decision-making, accountability and accountability for safe, quality, patient-centered care to local health districts, other health services and support organizations. For related health organizations (AOs), the role of the framework is to establish the context of service agreements between local health districts and the 3,000,000,000 people, while addressing differences in the legal status and governance of ALES. For support organizations, the principles and processes of the framework apply to the extent that they are appropriate for the roles and functions of each organization. Clearly present expectations for performance and performance in funding and other supports to districts, other health services and support organizations. The framework defines performance improvement policies, responses to performance issues and management processes that support the achievement of these results in accordance with government policies. Achieving these objectives requires clear priorities, clear management and cooperation of staff, based on core values.