Saas Master Service Agreement Template

However, if you operate a small service provider that sells to corporate clients, you know that even if a corporate customer`s purchasing team is interested in purchasing a standard product, their legal team may not be willing to accept standard documents. You will pay particular attention to the provisions of your terms of liability. If you choose to use a model, you should check this decision. For example, it may be economically useful to use a model for a new and untested service. However, if the service starts earning large sums of money, you should ask a lawyer to check, advise and update the document. SaaS terms should be used when the parties agree to the contract by signing another document (. For example, an offer or offer) or by indicating consent in an online registration process and when one party (usually the service provider) imposes its standard conditions on the other party. Master service agreements (or framework agreements) set conditions for future work. The specific work to be done may not yet be fully defined, but your master service contract sets out conditions such as ownership of intellectual property rights, guarantees, terms of payment and all dispute resolution procedures if necessary. First of all, you need terms of use, even if they may be called something else. They can be called a “user agreement” or a “cloud service contract” or something completely different. This SaaS agreement, our SaaS terms and conditions of service are examples of terms of use.

Whatever the name of the document, its role is to regulate the legal relationship between a service provider and its clients. The terms of use contain provisions relating to the basic service obligation, payment of fees, duration of the contract and termination, mutual liability of the parties, etc. In some cases, the terms of use are supplemented by additional specific documents, such as conventions. B data processing and service level agreements. Fifth, a minority of saaS and cloud services allow users to establish contractual relationships with others, such as service markets, physical goods or digital goods. In some cases, it may be advantageous to provide standard documentation to resolve these relationships. The documentation can be provided in the form of mandatory or standard documentation. In any case, you must carefully rework your responsibility for the provision of such documents: you do not act as a lawyer for your clients. If you are looking for a contract document that can be integrated into an online registration process, instead respect our SaaS terms of use or the terms and conditions of use of cloud services. SaaS documents are also included in our SaaS package and software developer packages.

SaaS agreements are designed to be used in situations where parties sign documents. In many cases, however, a SaaS contract can be entered into by the parties who agree to a service order form, whether online or offline. In these cases, the “Terms and Conditions” versions of SaaS documents are more appropriate.