Suguna Chicken Agreement

Dear Amid, Ganeshan`s advice is good. 1. Go to contract farming so you can get a complete idea of poultry like weight gain, food conversion ratio, diseases, work problem and vision of people from Sugna, Venkatesh, Mayuri and many other Hatcheries. Another thing in this line is not unstable, as the major market players increase or reduce the rate of chicks, food and chickens according to their confusion, thus destroying or ruining all small farmers from 2000 to 5000 chicks. That`s when the idea of contract farming struck the brothers. In this model, agricultural activities, such as production, are carried out according to an agreement between the farmer and the industrial buyer, who cuts the intermediary. In 1993, the company set up a “parental business” in which the mother breed was raised (day chicks hatched by these birds are sent to contract operators). In 2000, she began importing directly from “grandparents” – chickens that have the best genetic makeup for broiler farming – from the UK and setting up a grandparent farm. Chicken in many forms has always been a dish to enjoy among most Indians. Widely accepted and consumed, the demand for chicken meat is only increasing.

The broiler segment in India has continued to grow and is currently estimated at 12,500 kronor ($125 billion). This year, Suguna Foods also secured a $15 million financing contract from ADB by registering for non-convertible bonds. “We have been in talks with the ADB since last October. But before the final agreement could take place, the pandemic broke out. But they helped unlock the money in September so that we could get out of the problems that the pandemic posed,” he adds. The Indian poultry market is currently very disorganized. Only 4% of poultry in the country is sold as processed chicken, the rest as cattle. “In Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries, chicken is sold as a processed chicken and not as a live chicken. India has followed the transformation quite slowly, but we want to join this transformation and increase this 4% to 40%. Consumers around the world are moving towards outdoor chickens. In this case, as soon as consciousness increases in India, you will have a good chance with the chicken Nati / Desi and also the profitability is high.