Unbc Fa Agreement

We, the students of UNBC, support the UNBC Faculty Association and encourage the UN administration to negotiate a fair agreement with UNBC FA. “The parties did agree on an arbitrator before the end of last year,” UNBC spokesman Matt Wood said this week. “However, this person still needs to be contacted to make sure they are doing the work. Once we have completed this process, we can start talking about actual arbitration, dates, etc.. The Faculty Association also criticized the administration for seeking an agreement allowing it to terminate contracts with some of its members who are not covered by the collective agreement. According to the Faculty Association, approval of the measure could legally threaten the union and result in “serious financial risks.” “The employer thanks the Special Ombudsman for his work and looks forward to going through this process and entering into a collective agreement with the AI,” UNBC said in a statement. A similar procedure was used in 2015 to reach an agreement on the first contract between UNBC and the Faculty Association. We, the students of UNBC, are frustrated that the discrepancies between the UNBC FA and UNBC required the involvement of the students. We are compounded by the fact that this lack of respectful and productive negotiations must lead to the abolition of education, a service we have paid for. This strike will not only affect our training, but some students have university-related jobs, and we are furious that this strike is eliminating some of our sources of income. “The employer is ready to continue negotiations and continues to advocate for an agreement around the table,” the statement said. It seems that there is no agreement between the @UNBCFA and @UNBC which means that the faculty will be on the picket lines this morning in an hour. Clearly, not a word about the duration of the strike #unbc #UNBCFA #strike #university #cityofpg #education #learning #teaching Exclusive Bargaining Partner of academic staff, UNBC-FA negotiates the terms of the faculty contract (including salary and benefits) with the university`s Board of Governors.

On December 19, the parties agreed to take their disputes into “final arbitration of the offer.” “In this scenario, an arbitrator would order that either the employer`s salary proposal or the FA`s salary proposal be accepted,” wrote UNBC FA chief negotiator Ted Binnema. READ MORE: UNBC ended the strike, all it takes is a bad job against the university UNBCFA also tweeted this morning that no agreement had been reached. READ MORE: University of Northern B.C. Faculty s. 72-hour release Of Strike-Notice Incorporated in 1994 under the BC Society Act and certified as a union under the Labor Relations Board of BC on April 29, 2014, UNBC-FA negotiates, monitors and maintains employment conditions for association members; it also promotes and supports the principles of academic freedom, non-discrimination, mandate and quality post-secondary education. “Unfortunately, but given that the teams are at the negotiating table while we speak, we will withhold all public comments so as not to impede progress,” he said. UNBC-FA is the sole bargaining partner for all UNBC FA members and negotiates the terms of their employment, as enshrined in the faculties association`s collective agreement. In addition, UNBC-FA provides advice and support to members throughout their employment, and assists them with mandates, promotion, evaluation and other processes.