Von Der Leyen Withdrawal Agreement

In her speech on Wednesday, Von der Leyen, quoting former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, also stressed the need for Britain to respect the withdrawal treaty. I hope that the British government will listen today to a clear statement of @vonderleyen today – the truth. #Brexit 🇪🇺🇮🇪🇬🇧 pic.twitter.com/UfX3CJjiYG The UK announced it on Wednesday. it had signed a fisheries agreement with Norway. Under the agreement, the two countries will have reciprocal access to the other country`s fisheries sovereignty and set annual fishing quotas. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the Brexit withdrawal agreement had lasted three years of work. A pioneering agreement earlier this year, which aims to raise 750 billion euros together to counter the economic impact of the pandemic, is a chance to achieve this, the President said. The EU has taken legal action against the UK after Boris Johnson failed to respond to Brussels` request to abandon laws that would replace the withdrawal agreement and violate international law. But when asked how the EU can negotiate with partners who violate international agreements – US President Donald Trump on the Paris climate accords and the nuclear deal with Iran or Johnson on the withdrawal deal – von der Leyen cited another preferred Britishism. “We had asked our British friends to remove the problematic parts of their internal market bill by the end of September,” she said.

“This bill is, by its very nature, a violation of the duty of good faith set out in the withdrawal agreement. Moreover, if adopted in this way, it will be in complete contradiction with the protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Commission president said efforts to breach the Brexit withdrawal treaty were a “bad surprise.” “As far as the UK is concerned, we want an agreement and I think the attempt to violate the withdrawal agreement has greatly diverted attention from the ongoing negotiations,” von der Leyen said in response to a question from POLITICO. “It was a nasty surprise.” COMMISSION President Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday that London had “restored confidence” in the UK`s relationship with the EU and that the UK government`s efforts to breach the Brexit withdrawal treaty were a “bad surprise.” “It makes no sense to negotiate a future deal (with) a British prime minister who throws out the window of the agreement he himself signed,” said Manfred Weber of the centre-right European People`s Party.