Anti Dumping Agreement Article 3

2. The Commission may, if necessary, conduct investigations in third countries, provided that it obtains the agreement of the undertakings concerned, informs the representatives of the government of the country concerned and does not oppose the investigation. As soon as the companies concerned have given their consent, the Commission shall communicate to the authorities of the exporting country the names and addresses of the companies to be visited and the agreed dates. 8.2 Price undertakings may be collected or accepted by exporters only if the authorities of the importing country have provisionally confirmed the dumping caused by such dumping and the injury caused by such dumping. 3.7 The finding of imminent material injury is based on facts and not just on distant allegations, presumptions or possibilities. The change in circumstances that would lead to a situation in which dumping would cause injury must be clearly foreseen and imminent. (10) When finding the threat of material injury, the authorities should take into account, inter alia, the following: 4. Where it appears from the definitively established facts that dumping and injury resulting from that injury and the Union interest requires action in accordance with Article 21, the Commission shall impose a definitive anti-dumping duty following the investigation procedure referred to in Article 15, paragraph 3. Where provisional duties are in force, the Commission shall initiate such proceedings no later than one month before the expiry of those duties. Verification visits should be provided for in order to verify the information submitted on dumping and injury, while making such visits subject to the correct reply to the questionnaires.