Artist Loan Out Agreement Sample

In addition, a lending enterprise must maintain its status by making annual returns and taxes to the State in which it was established and, possibly, to other States where it operates. For example, a Delaware LLC, whose owner is an artist with homes in New York and California, where he or she essentially provides all of his or her services, must also “qualify” in those states. This means that the artist has to pay certain fees to register in New York and California, and pay taxes in New York and California based on the income generated in each state. The artist confirms that he owns the copyright in all works and reserves all rights to reproduction. This means that the borrower may be limited in the use of photographs, except for the use of the exhibition. Nevertheless, I have discovered a lot of confusion among these professionals as to why they started a loan-out business or whether setting up a loan-out business is a good idea for their circumstances. [11] See z.B. Great Entm`t Merch., Inc. v.

VN Merch., Inc., no. 95 CIV. 9333 (LBS), 1996 WL 355377, at *1 (S.D.N.Y. June 27, 1996) (singer established a loan company for the sole purpose of retaining and granting his trademark and merchandising rights); Roddenberry v. Roddenberry, 44 Cal. App. 4th 634, 641, 51 Cal. Rptr. 2d 907, 910 (1996), Review denied (July 31, 1996) (a loan company founded by the creator of “Star Trek”, had an interest in copyright and the rights of recurrence and participation in Star Trek).

[12] See 1 Selz et al., a. a. O. Note 1, ยง 8:31; Matthau v. . . .