Coal India Service Agreement Bond

A copy of the PDF file containing the contents of the link is attached. To get around this provision, the company has added clauses on medical diseases that can be called unfair, impractical, unfair…. COAL INDIA SERVICE BOND: Nominated candidates must serve the company for a period of at least 60 months from the date of entry into the company. At the time of membership, applicants must perform a service contract obligation of 3 Lakhs (Three Lakh Rupees) for the same. –“Or the amounts received jointly by the trainee management as salary, allowances, travel and equipment costs, etc., during training and service in the company, may have to justify the reasons for the creation of a link, for example.B training, training costs and perhaps to justify the costs. You should not act in an emergency and before filing a notice, contact a competent and experienced advisor/lawyer with copies of the job advertisement, the application you have submitted, the letter of offer, the letter of appointment, the company`s standing orders, the service book, the HR severance pay policy, etc., guarantee and give personal contributions. Your lawyer may find that the loan is contrary to the company`s standing orders. Standing orders should be indicated within the notice period. The employer should provide the worker with a certified copy of the standing orders against a protection fee of z.B r. 10 /. If you apply for this, you apply in writing, in good confirmation. Negotiate with the company in writing with a copy with a duly confirmed copy. .