Silverlight License Agreement

You may not extend the evaluation period by uninstalling, reinstalling or reinstalling the product(s) or reinstalling it other than our written consent. You should not use the product in a production environment. You must pay for a license for the product at our license price if you continue to use the product, whether in a production or non-production environment after the expiration or end of the evaluation license, and the EULA terms applicable on that date apply to your continued use of the product. A product that has been submitted to you under an evaluation or trial license may be subject to one or more restrictions on use set out in Section 3 (Product Family Specific Terms), Section 4 (Product Specific Terms), order or any other other delivery date (including the publication of such limits at the place where you download the product for evaluation). We may decide at our discretion whether we offer maintenance and support for the product during the evaluation period and whether we include conditions or restrictions for such maintenance and support. You must not circumvent the technical constraints contained in the product that has been authorized to you on the basis of an evaluation or test. READ THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (“EULA”) BEFORE INSTALLING OR USING THE PRODUCT TO WHICH EULA APPLIES. .