Subject Verb Agreement With Fractions

However, a disagreement has arisen over a handful of teams that have a unique name, such as the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and Colorado Avalanche. Some sports journalists use plural posts to keep consistency: jazz drops suddenly. Others think it`s more natural to treat these names as singular: The Heat is a favorite that can be repeated as NBA champions. As opinions are divided, we advise you to go with what sounds best for you. 17 Write three pairs of sentences (an incorrect version, a correct version), starting with the word “there”. Subject/verb compliance – There are 3 subject-verb matches – Share the exercise Write three pairs of sentences that use the same beginning, but give verbs of different plurality – EX: Most puppies are gassy. Most of the puppy is brown. A compound subject has two or simpler topics that are normally related by or by or by the other. In the case of a singular or non-counter noun or clause, use a singular verb: 11 subject/verb – And 1. He and I swim _________ (Hate) 2. You and he ________ in the park in the afternoon. (On foot) 3. John and his father ___________ (to be desired) 4.

Umkulthoum and his sister ________ Kittens. (to be killed) 5. Umkulthoum and his sister ___________ Sociopaths. (To be) hate walk want kill are fractions like this are best analyzed as substantive phrases that take a supplement. You are part of the transparent number of number names where the total number of total substantive sentences is determined by the number of nouns added to the preposition “von”, as shown in your examples. If the fraction or percentage is in front of a collective name, follow the rules you learned in the collective names lesson in this module. Remember that collective nouns may accept singular or plural verbage, depending on whether the noun is acting as an entire group or whether the members of the group are acting as individuals. They take a singular when they refer to a single size: some nouns have only one plural form and always take a plural verblage, for example: glasses, scissors, pants, shorts, goods, goods that I received 90% — the first thing I misunderstood.

I chose the “Either is right” option because I thought it had to be subjective. Note: In normal daily use, singular verbage is almost always preferred for collection names….