Tenancy Agreement Legal Fee Malaysia

However, appointing a lawyer can be expensive. Therefore, landlords may choose to design their agreement and ask the potential tenant to approve it. To make the lease legal and admissible in court, it must be stamped by LHDN. There are also administrative fees that go to the real estate agency or owner. Two application forms, pdS 1 and PDS 49 (A), must be submitted to the nearest LHDN position. If you decide to rent the property, a letter of offer is usually submitted to you or most people call it a booking form in which you have to pay a serious deposit if you sign the same. Thereafter, it is customary to sign a lease within the next fourteen days and to pay other deposits when signing the lease. There is no fixed law on whether the tenant or lessor should bear the legal costs of the lease. Therefore, for a lease of one year or less, the total amount to be paid (stamp duty and administrative fees): (RM82 + RM150) = RM232. Two copies must be stamped, one for the landlord and the other for the tenant.

The additional copy of the stamped rental agreement is RM10. Note: The above computer only applies to attorneys` fees and/or stamp duty relating to the main document. As a rule, other fees and charges are payable, such as for example. B lawyer`s fees for ancillary documents, GST and other payments (fees). For a full offer on your special circumstances, please contact Ms. Ma Pin Yen (pinyen@gtrz.com.my), Ms. Lee Fong Ling (fongling@gtrz.com.my) and Ms. Lee Yun Zhi (yunzhi@gtrz.com.my). In addition, lease agreements may be concluded either orally or in writing.