Trade Agreement Vs Purchase Agreement Ax 2012

If you do not validate a sales contract, you can still use it to create orders. However, the historical information of the sales contract is not kept. 2. Make sure that the seller is in agreement with the seller in the commercial contract in our sales contract. In the General tab, then click on the General > and enter or select the sales contract ID data. This converts the command to a release command. You can place an order via the order form. You can then apply the terms of a sales contract to the order header. Conditions may contain information such as payment terms, delivery terms and delivery address.

You can choose a sales contract if you create a new order. If one or more order positions apply to the products and categories indicated in the sales contract, the prices and discounts of the sales contract are used for these lines. In addition, the quantity or quantity on the order line is recorded on the commitment and contributes to the execution of the commitment. The same order can contain both lines that do not relate to a sales contract and lines that contain an obligation for a sales contract. For more information, see Create a share command. In the area of the agreement, you can view the quantities and quantities of the specified sales contract. These quantities and amounts are the total quantities and the amounts committed. In the Fulfillment area, you can view the total quantities and amounts of all order items related to the specified sales contract.