What If There Is No Rental Agreement

I believe, although I am not qualified as a lawyer, that he does not have the right to keep this money for the reasons mentioned above. It seems to me that he believes that the basis for storing the deposit lies in his own subjective conviction, although there is no objective evidence to the contrary. In addition, the fact that he never mentioned orally or otherwise that I would have to pay the cleaning fee (or in fact that he had not taken steps to use such a service himself since September) indicates that he simply wants to keep the money for other reasons (perhaps to pay the advertising fees, to have found a new tenant – a completely independent business). Yes, a tenant can withhold rent if there is a major problem or danger in the rental unit that makes it uninhabitable. However, you should inquire about the specific situations in which your state allows rent to be withheld, as you may be subject to eviction if you unfairly withheld it. In some states, a tenant still has to pay rent to a court or place it in an escrow account while repairs are in progress. You need to be prepared to pay the full rent once the repairs are complete and the unit is habitable again. When we moved into our new home, we allowed a former roommate to use our guest room for a few months, from early April until he found himself. Our agreement was verbal and it is not listed on contracts or invoices, but contributes £255 million. That has now changed in such a way that he wants to be here at least until September. The arrangement doesn`t suit us now that a family member is moving to town and I want them to live with us instead. As this facility was only supposed to be temporary, I verbally gave him 6 weeks in advance to move. He wasn`t happy, but I think that`s enough time because it should only be a favor in the short term.

I was wondering if there was a written explanation that someone advises me to give back to our conversation in case it is difficult. Thank you, I rent a room to a “friend” who was recently a little absent and her mother, in who whon`s name is, was a complete cow. I feel like they 1. Ask me to move or 2.Move my belongings during a work trip. Nothing was signed and no agreed terms, I said no later than 6 months. I pay a direct debit from her account every month and she asked me to give her 1 month`s rent if I wanted to move. Please, can tell me what rights I have, I am afraid they will go through my room. Last night, while I was away, she even let her friend sleep in my room without asking me. .