How We’re Unique

1 – We bill by the minute.  Most agencies bill in 15- or 60-minute increments. Not us. Why should you get billed 15 minutes for a 6-minute phone call?

2 – We don’t have minimums.  The fact that we bill by the minute also means we don’t have minimums. We’ll bill you the amount of time it takes us to complete a project. Period.

3 – You own your files.  When we work on a project for you, if you want the native files, they’re yours.  You paid for them.

4 – We don’t sign contracts.  Contracts are for wimps!  (Just kidding.) We don’t ask our clients to sign a contract. Why? Because if we don’t make you happy, or our work isn’t what you were expecting, we don’t want to “force” you to work with us due to a contract you’ve signed. That’s not good for anyone involved.

5 – We’ll work with your vendors.  While we have a strong list of vendors we love to work with and who consistently give us great pricing, if you already have a relationship with a local vendor and you want to use them, that’s no problem!  And, if you want to be billed directly by that vendor, we’re fine with that too.