How We’re Unique

1 – We bill by the minute.  Most agencies bill in 15- or 60-minute increments. Not us. Why should you get billed 15 minutes for a 6-minute phone call?

2 – We don’t have minimums.  The fact that we bill by the minute also means we don’t have minimums. We’ll bill you the amount of time it takes us to complete a project. Period.

3 – You own your files.  When we work on a project for you, if you want the native files, they’re yours.  You paid for them.

4 – We don’t sign contracts.  Contracts are for wimps!  (Just kidding.) We don’t sign contracts with our clients (other than confidentiality contracts, if you wish) because if we don’t make you happy, or our work isn’t what you were expecting, we don’t want to “force” you to work with us due to a contract you’ve signed. That’s not good for anyone involved.

5 – We’ll work with your vendors.  While we have a strong list of vendors we love to work with and who consistently give us great pricing (past project bidding has proven so), if you already have a relationship with a local vendor and you want to use them, that’s no problem!  And, if you want to be billed directly by that vendor, we’re fine with that too.