Becky has been passionate about the credit union industry since first starting her career with credit unions in 1997.  She loves to encourage credit unions to perfect their service to members, and talk about the “wins” they’re achieving for their members each and every day.  Learn more about Becky’s speaking topics below.

What In The World Are You Saying & Why Should I Care?

TARGET AUDIENCE: All staff, but specifically your non-numbers & new staff members.

During her 20 years in the credit union industry, Becky has learned that there are two overriding causes to a lack of passion in credit union staff:

1) Important information is explained to staff in terms they simply don’t understand. Credit union financials aren’t easy to understand if you’re not a numbers person. If you’re simply spitting out statistics and numbers during your staff meeting and assuming your staff understands what you’re talking about, I guarantee you that at least half of them don’t.

2) Employees don’t understand why they should care At Mindz Eye, every marketing piece we create has to answer one basic question for every member: “Why should I care?”  If you’re not telling your staff why they should care about the statistics you’re giving them – how those numbers directly impact their jobs and how their actions can impact those numbers – there’s no way they’re going to be passionate about your credit union or serving its members.

In this training session, Becky Zemlicka, owner of Mindz Eye Marketing, will break down credit union financials in very understandable terms using visual aides, games and hands-on activities, and talk about how each of your staff members directly impacts the credit union…and ultimately, why they should care.

For more details, pricing, or to check availability, please contact Becky Zemlicka at Becky@MindzEyeMarketing.com or 877.232.0014 ext. 1.


Telling Your Credit Union’s Story

TARGET AUDIENCE: Marketers and loan officers, as well as management team and support staff who want to learn how to build and/or support a solid testimonial program.
Are you struggling to let members and potential members know just how special your credit union really is? Or to communicate that you really are different and really do provide great service? You can do all this and more by simply telling your credit union’s stories! Every credit union has great stories, but many struggle with exactly how to tell those stories, how to implement a testimonial program, and how to tie testimonials back to sales.

In this presentation, Becky Zemlicka, owner of Mindz Eye Marketing, will explain how your credit union can receive both financial and relational benefits by simply telling the stories you already have, and she’ll provide examples of how her team has helped a few of their credit union clients become effective storytellers with minimal cost and staff time.

For more details, pricing, or to check availability, please contact Becky Zemlicka at Becky@MindzEyeMarketing.com or 877.232.0014 ext. 1.

Member Service The Disney Way: Simple service strategies that will WOW your members & employees!

TARGET AUDIENCE: Management team and any staff who serve members or impact the credit union’s culture.

Walt Disney has for generations delivered a reliable and legendary customer service strategy. This session will provide you with tips on how to improve excellence and member satisfaction through the success of Disney’s strategies and culture…and ultimately create a magical experience for every member and employee of your credit union. There’s something for both front-line and management staff who wish to take the secrets and strategies from Mickey in order to see priceless results in their credit union.

Specific topics include:

  • Tips to create a Disney-like culture at your credit union that will differentiate you in the eyes of your members and employees.
  • Keys to implementing “memberology” so you always exceed your members’ expectations, even when you make a mistake.
  • Creating service themes in your credit union that will enable your employees to offer great service without compromising certain standards.
  • Strategies for improving service processes and creating a quality member experience with every interaction.

For more details, pricing, or to check availability, please contact Becky Zemlicka at Becky@MindzEyeMarketing.com or 877.232.0014 ext. 1.