Social Media Manager

As with all of the services offered by Mindz Eye Marketing, Social Media Manager aims to provide valuable financial education to your members at an affordable price, without requiring much – if any – staff time from you.

Our Social Media Manager service enables you to have social media sites that are consistently updated with interesting financial-related topics without having to do the research or remember to post the messages…freeing you up to focus on posts specifically related to your credit union.

For just $40 per month, we will post 4 messages per month to your social media sites. The posts will include things like facts related to money, budgeting tips, holiday spending, college funding ideas, financial education, current financial events, etc. — posts that are relevant to all credit unions and credit union members.  Some may be solid education, others may be more light-hearted financial tidbits and interesting facts.  We research the information and make the posts on your behalf (letting you know in advance when the posts will be made and what they will say).

We’re All About Results

Increasing your social media reach isn’t an overnight fix — that’s why we require a minimum 6-month commitment when you sign-up for our service.  However, our credit union clients have seen tangible results in just a few months with our Social Media Manager service.

Want to try Social Media Manager free for 1 month?
Just call or emails us:  or call 877-232-0014 ext. 1

Social Media Manager

Please review your social media manager posts for April 2022.

  • If you have no changes, do nothing – we’ve got it!
  • If you do want to make changes, please contact no later than the last day of the month.

Thank you for participating in this educational service!