About Us

Mindz Eye Marketing is a virtual marketing agency & small business development company started in 2001 by Becky Zemlicka. A born-and-bred Midwesterner, Becky has built her reputation and business by upholding a few simple faith-based values – top-notch client service, high standards & integrity, and exceptional commitment to every project (sprinkled with creativity and several years of experience).

Mindz Eye is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes! We’ve assembled a team well-vetted independent marketing, web and design professionals who can help you grow your business and manage and implement every aspect of your marketing & communications. You determine which services and skills you need, and we connect you with an expert in that field. We can also manage the relationships and projects on your behalf, and combine all of our billing so the entire process is streamlined and simple.

Our services are customized to your needs, and you’ll always receive expert advice & professional results that are affordable for even the smallest businesses.