About Us

The term “marketing” has evolved to encompass a lot of different areas over the years – that’s why we’ve assembled a crazy-talented group of people, each with skills and talents in specific areas. When you connect with Mindz Eye, there’s no need to parcel your marketing out to various companies – we can do it all.

We have the ability to execute anything you dream up…or we’ll help you create a dream if you don’t already have one (we love a good challenge). We’re a super talented crew with skills in project management, creative services & content, branding & logo ideation, graphic design, digital marketing, video production, commercial photography, website development and more – and we’ll stay true to your brand. 

Starting from square one? (Ooh, we just got all excited!) Our team excels at building brands from the ground up. We’ll work with you to create a master plan, including strategy and tactics designed to deliver results.

PS - When it's time to implement our creations, 
Mindz Eye Marketing is owned by Straub Marketing.
They're experts in brand management, including print production, branded merchandise, apparel, online stores and fulfillment - just to name a few. 

(Seriously, we have the coolest parent!)